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Carpenter Utahime (Diva)

 歌姫 pronouned as Utahime.
From Japanese 歌 (uta) meaning "song" combined with 姫 (hime) meaning "princess" i.e. Song Princess or songstress or Diva.

Carpenter Utahime (UH) was born as product that have less water resistant due to its small mouth cup compared to the big brother Damsel and as alternative fish attractor with different movement as contrast to Gamma (y) or Bluefish (BF) lures.

Utahime was first introduced in 2019 and production sales in 2021.  As May 2022, there 4 for models of Utahime produced i.e. Utahime 120g, Utahime 95g, Utahime 70g and Utahime 70g Nagi (calm version).

Based on maker Konishi-san's blog there are also Utahime 250g which resides under KLL plug series.

Utahime 250 KLL

The features of Utahime design is to catch GT, Amberjack and Tuna with small low splash and slight diving action.  I found that if you don't have a 13g hook for Utahime 120, you can choose either 11g or 15g hook for both front and back.  Also different size hook will gives you slight different action.  Please do try with 11g and 15g hooks or the combination, you'll be surprise on how "pleasant" the action of the lure.

As for compatible rods, BlueChaser BLC Super Cobra, Great Python GP and Endless Passion series were recommended based on the lure weight used.   I can say that for Utahime lures, due to the small mouth, rods with "lower" LB rating, soft tip, not so stiff middle section can also be effective to "play" the lures.  Myself used TBL83/32 or SLP80/33 or TBL80/35 or PJ80/36 EP85/36 to play Utahime 120 lures.  I think if applied more powerful rod with LB rating more that 38Lb, Utahime 120 will easily jump out of the water with normal slack line.

As for colors for Utahime 120, 5 were produced for sale back in 2021.

Utahime 120 smoke black metal pasted

Utahime 120 white metal pasted

Utahime 120 flyingfish

Utahime 120 black back side gold metal pasted

Utahime 120 black metal pasted

For Diva 95, it was classified as "special sale" where anglers can buy them if they send Memorial Catch Photo on Jan 22, 2022.
I do not know if Carpenter wants to produce Utahime 95 as normal production or just Special sale lures.  Kinda frustrated.......

Utahime 95 Special Sale color

Utahime 95 Special Sale color

Last size in Utahime collection is the small 70mm 68g that came in two version i.e. normal version and "Nagi" calm.  But there is also a version named "Utahime 70 L-Quiet" which schedule as Special Sale version.

Utahime 70 and Utahime Nagi color

Difference in labeling between normal (bottom) and Nagi version (top)

As for color goes, Utahime 70 was produced in 6 colors i.e. White metal paste, Dark Blueback Yellow side, Black back Gold side, Anchovy metal paste, Sardine metal paste and Flying fish metal paste.  I think Utahime 70 series were produced targeted for yellowfin tuna fishing.

Please refer to official website HERE for further Information.

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