Sunday, July 29, 2007

Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge 2007

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PelaReef Hookers is participating in this prestige tournament with the boat KRUMS.

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My Newly Intake Poppers

From left:
Fisherman GT-Snake, Fisherman Long Pen 100, Angler Outfitter Torpedo, Adhek Dragonet, Adhek Mini Gecko, 2 Adhek Gecko, 2 Carpenter Sea Frog, Sniper Japan & Adhek Short Goby.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pulau Jarak: July 14-16 2007

Planning to go to Pulau Jarak with Ah Ho's new boat.  One of the highlight of this trip is to visit/jig the highly talked Hutan Melintang's GT hole. Since its fall on "new-moon" date, the current is very fast and heavy jigs are needed.  Planning to bring along:
1. Stella 20000+Calstar 760M
2. Exp 6500+Calstar 760L
3. Stella 8000FA + Shimano Jigwrex S605 
4. TLD30II + Shikari 40-60
5. TiCA Taurus 6000 + Shimano Caranx Kaibutsu LC
6. Daiwa Fream 4500J + Xzoga PE2

Too many sets...hehehehe...better censor...

Jigs 40-300grams....frankly, i don't know what to expect and to bring, coz we are going 2 places i.e. Pulau Jarak & Hutan Melintang Sea Mount, plus the current gonna be damned fast.

Very frustrating trip.  Rough weather with strong SW wind hit us on Saturday after passing Pulau Sembilan, so cannot go to Lubuk Hutan Melintang.  Instead Ah Ho went straight to Pulau Jarak.  Arrived at Jarak ~ 3pm & immediately we parked at Whip Garden area.  Some of us did light popping using Surecatch Tiger popper and caught several Gts ranging from 2-4kg. 
When the current slow down, Ah Ho straight away went to the pinncle near the flat Batu Mandi.  I caught 2 4kg Gts using JM 150 jig with Jigwrex & Stela 8000.
During sunset we tried to pop aroung the island and at the pinnacle i.e. River Rock and North Point but no GT interested to our offering.

Night time we parked at Snappers Den and this is where all the huge snappers where caught using live Mantis Prawn.  Strong wind kept blowing thru-out the night and the next morning (sunday).  It dies-off on Sunday afternoon and we had the chance to go to the Pinnacle in front of the Army Jetty.  Caught few 2-3kg GTs using 150g blue Herring jig.  

During sunset, again Ah Ho ask us to pop at the flat rock area.  This time the GT were active and i caught the 6.5kg using the Kaibutsu with Tica Taurus 6000H and Yozuri GT Bull.
SUnday night we parked at 40m "Snapper Hole" in front of "The Stairs".  By 8pm everybody had their mantis prawn soaked into the sea (11 rods were used)...but till 7am Monday morning,  everybody hauled out back their mantis prawn...not even a single bite.  After breakfast we asked AhHo todo a last minute popping near the Flat rock.  Out of 9 poppers thrown only one sucessful hook-up.  Most of us registered atttack from the GT but no hook-up...Must be <1kg>
By 9am we left Pulau Jarak to do some bottom fishing at the shipwreck near the unjam.  I try to jig but the bloody current is too strong for 300g Jigging Master jig.  Some of us had to use 2 size#18 sinkker to get the mantis prawn touched the bottom.  After an hour with no bite, we decide to move to White Rock of Pulau Sembilan for light tackle jig.  During puling up the bait, one of us felt that his sinker is slightly heavy.  We said probably due to the strong current.  he said no.  I said to him change to low gear of your TLD30 and just pump.  Its end up with a 5kg "already-dead-golden-snapper" at the end of his line.  My friend laugh with sweat all over his face, hauling neary 6kg dead weight from 95m water depth.  Lucky we want to move after 1 hour of bottom fishing, if we want to stay for another hour, his snapper probably become the bait for the shark.

We reached White Rock by 1130am and straight away Mokhtar caught 2kg size GT with his spoon lure.  For 1 hour, we kept casting around White Rock and at the south tip of Pulau Buluh but no takers.  So we decide to go back to the jetty.  We reached Bagan Datuk jetty approx 2pm and had lunch at Kedai Arwah Abg Ali.  Very nice nasi lemak daun pisang and laska penang.
2 b continue after download pictures from guba's camera.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ahhhh! My NEW PE5 jigging set

After buying fishing licence from me wife for this year (FYI cost ~ RM2700 Longines), KC called me - Wan aaa...your Jigwrex already here....come la....
So to Sykt Kepong i went.....and end up with Stella 8000FA and Shimano Jigwrex PE5 spinning combo + YGK Jigman PE4 300m line. My pocket is "KOYAK"......
Will test this combo during my Jarak trip. The 300m line is perfect for the 8000 spool.
Next month...planning to buy the 8000 spare spool at Sri Kembangan....
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Friday, July 6, 2007

Caranx Kaibutsu Long Cast

Behold my new Shimano Caranx Kaibutsu Long Cast popping rod.

My Favourite Popper: Adhek Bali

Got 12 pieces. Plan to collect more in the future.....
from left:
2 Long Goby (120g), 1 Short Goby (100g)- Swimmer, use during calmwater, bait fish present
Mini Gecko (120g), 2 Geckco (160g) - Chugger, all-round occasion
2 Dragonet (100g) - Swimmer, calmwater
2 Bell (130g) - Chugger, casting againts wind
horizontal: 2 Ocean Lady (160g)- pencil, excellent in choppy water

check out:


Collection of my jigs....
p/s note scale 6inch/15cm ruler

Flyweight - less than 40grams

Bantamweight - 50-60grams

Lightweight - 60 to 75 grams

Welterweight - 80-100grams

Mediumweight - 120-220grams

various weight

Heavyweight 220-500grams

Thursday, July 5, 2007

PelaReef Hookers Memoir #1: Maldives 2007

Kamarul with his highly skill photography has produced this wonderfull album/memoir for our May 2007 trip to Maldives. The memoir is bind with hardcover & glossy paper. After this it will be our practice to produce memoir for each memorable trip.  Pictures below were snapped using N73.

Memoir Cover

PelaReef Hookers
from left: Kamarul, me, Alfi


Me with many-many groupers caught on Hooker jig.

PelaReef Hookers with Captain Ibrahim and his Mashi-Baru crew

Alfi "Salman Khan" dancing his one-of-a-kind jigli dance.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Jigging Hook Tying: My New Skill

After 1 day of try&error, i manage to tie my Gamaktsu Tuned #35 jig hook just like the pre-tied (light red in the middle). The dark red is tied using 200lb Varivas SS Assist Line and the yellow line is Sabpolo 300lb assist kevlar.
The pre-tied cost me RM16 each hook.
New self-tied --> Blank Gamakatsu #35 tuned hook = RM8 each (RM24 pack of 3), assist line=~RM2. solid ring=RM1, dental floss=free, superglue=free
Best thing is i can choose the length and the poundage of assist line.

The Three Musketeers

Ready for action !!!!!!!!!

My three Musketeers (from left):
Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 6500
Shimano Stella 10000FA
Shimano Stella SW20000PG