Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jack Erskine Carbontex Drag Washer & Cal's Universal Grease

Since "almost all" Saltiga users complaint the stickyness and spiky drag of Saltiga, i kinda fell into the ideas. So i've change all my saltigas with Carbontex. Got these drags from Sabre Tackle. I also bought Cal's grease as recommended by Jack Erskine.

Tested EXp 6500 (both spools) and Stella 20000 at 11kg initial drag during my samson & Pekan's sailfish trips. Verdict: Carbontex gives smoother initial drag resistence compared with the original Daiwa drag system BUT not as smooth as original Stella.

I think this probably due to the Stella's twin drag design. To tell the truth i don't dare to open up my stella's drag system. Judging from the reel's diagram, i feel it is a little bit complicated compared with the straight forward Saltiga's drag system.
I also did'nt test both stella and saltiga at higher drag setttting (> 11kg). My back is not as strong as the younger years.

Quote from one of the fishingkaki.com forum thread:
"Drag spike is higher initial pull required to get the spool to turn and once it has turned , the pull is much lower than the initial one . This can cause line to break and at extreme case , break the rod tip . Most often happened when the drag is set near the max. drag capability of the worn out drag washers . In Saltiga , this comes not long after a few time of hard usage with big fish . In Stella , due to much bigger drag assembly at the back of the spool , the wear n tear of the drag washer do not happen that soon . " end quote.

Note the same drag size can be used in Saltiga 5000, 6000, 6000GT, EXP6500 and dogfight 6500.

Advertisment:  2nd hand Saltiga 6000GT with original EXp knob is available at Ah Boy's OceanSea Sportfishing, Sri Kembangan Selangor.  Futher info pls call him at +60126481706.

The front

Note the different.  I used "fine-coarse-coarse-coarse-fine" configuration during the replacement.

Dark yellow from Sabre Tackle.  Light yellow from Bluewater, Perth.

Cal's grease.  Alfi said the smell kinda same as aircraft ballbearing grease.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tenryu Jig-Zam 632S-6

After a long thought, i need a PE2-5 rod, to fill the gap between my my PE2 Xzoga and PE5 Jigwrex for my Jarak & Pekan trips. Ends up with my 1st Tenryu rod. Got a nice discount (~23%) from FishermanShimano shop in Tmn Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru.  Haven't decide the reel to go with it yet....either Stella8000FA 0r Fream4500J
Checkout Tenryu Jig-Zam site at 
Note also the price increase in the new Tenryu site's price!!!

The label

No gimbal end, just Fuji butt-cap...i can get use to this...SevenSeas Hooker Gimbal belt will cater nicely

Check out the free rod strap...cool...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

STUDIO Ocean Mark Custom Spool ST6500VII

I got hook-up with this spool because of Pak Adhek of Bali recommendation. He likes the smoothness of the drag and it is comparable with Smoooooth Carbontex drag. Found this spool at Sabre Tackle KL. Been searching high & low at every tackleshop in KL. Others only have the 6000 series. Kamarul got the red version, so got myself the blue version. First thing that i inspected is the drag material. Eehmmm, not carbon but some kind of white teflon and it it "DRY" (not greased). 

For the record, I'm very impressed with the original Daiwa spool, in term of corrosion resistance. But i've never test/tried with Studio Ocean Mark's spool. Better ask Kamarul about it coz i think he never despooled his lines after fishing trip.

Below is what i gather from Studio Ocean Mark :

Trade Name: STUDIO Ocean Mark Custom Spool ST6500VII
Conformity Model: Z6500DF, EXP6500, Z6000GT, Z6000, Z5000
Weight: 135gram
Max Drag: 18kg
Washer Finishing: Sanding
GreaseType: Hard
Capacity: PE5-500m (max 530m), PE6-400m (max 430m), PE8-300m (max 340m) PE size based on YGK powerHunter line
Translated:  About drag MAX":  It is the value where drag MAX screwed drag all the way by the hand, at the maximum spool capacity measured.  With actually use it is the operation range where the 30~70% of drag MAX is smooth.

The box

The box label

Nice blue color.  Matched with DF.  Looks custom!!!

Close-up the model name.

Spool lip

Noted the grease is not there at the first place.

Inside the spool.  Note the "dryness" of the "teflon drag material.

Comparison with the "original I'ze Factory Daiwa" spare spool.

Notice something is not there???

Monday, October 1, 2007

Fisherman Fishing Gloves for Ocean

I've got 2 pairs of these ridiculously high price glove. Anyway, i dedicated 1 is for popping and the other is for jigging. The popping version has softer texture grip compared with the jigging version. Even the inter-finger area is different.

Popping gloves

Texture of popping gloves

Back of poppin gloves

Jigging gloves

Palm of jigging gloves (no holes version) - there is a new "SuperCool" version with tiny holes.

Interfingger areas.  Left is the jigging , right is the popping

Daiwa Saltiga Z6500H Dogfight

My ultimate popping reel. Got it as 2nd hand reel. Used once but never catch fish. Just like brand new. The ex-owner said " You're buying a 2nd hand virgin". The first thing i did was change the original drag with Smoooooth Carbontex drag, greased with Cal's Universal grease. Haven't thought what line goes in, most probably Varivas GT Avani PE6 80lb or PE7 90lb line. OR if i'm lucky, i'll get the new Varivas Avani GT SMP PE6 90lb line. And also planning to buy the custom spare spool. We'll see later.

Check out this thread on how to change the carbontex drag.
Daiwa Saltiga Z6500H Dogfight
- Ratio 6.2:1
- 142cm per rotation
- 830 gram / 29.6 oz
- max 30kg drag ????
- Deep spool PE6 400m, PE5 500m
- Manual return bail system
- Cam driven ball bearing supported oscillation
- Water proof (knob, drag, gear box, titanium twist buster line roller)
- Rotor brake in casting
- Tough air bail wire
- Floating pinion gear
- Digital cut gear from material 1.6 times stronger than duralumin
- 14+1 ball bearings
- Perfect double stopper (infinite roller and mechanical)
- One piece machined handle
- Round Power Knob
- Basically this reel is the high speed model of the Saltiga Z6500 Expedition

Just like "Dental-Cosmetic-Filling"