Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bali & Lombok: 29-30 April 2011

Not much to say about this trip coz the catch is so poor due to many factor i.e. current, moon phase, wind etc.  We did popping at Batu Abah on the 1st day, no GT.  The only fish landed is a slimey tuna aka Tongkol on my light tackle. Later in the afternoon we tried jigging at 120-140m water depth using 500g jig. No bite.
2nd day, we decided to venture to Lombok. Only 2 baby GTs landed. Very frustrating trip.

High hopes

3 Nature Boys

Arsenal: Stellas, Saltigas n Carpenters

Slimey tuna on Volador

Gunung Agung

Baby GT on Penipen 140

TBL 711/35RF with Saltiga Dogfight PE6 GT Avani SMP

TBL 80/20RF with Saltiga 5000H PE5 UltraJigman

Like navy SEAL outfit. Hots Gipang 78MH with Saltiga 5000H

Another baby

Pekan: 17 April 2011

This trip dedicated to find spanish mackerel.  Lures used are mainly Jackson Pintail Tuned 40g and 50g.
Azhar took us to new unjam spot.  Forgot to take photo of all catched tengiris. Total tally is 15 tengiris and 1 GT ranging from 4kg to 7kg.