Monday, January 24, 2011

Pekan: 22 Jan 2011

A gap during monsoon season. 3 days of slow wind.  Off to Pekan with Eidi.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Poppers & Swimmers 2010 Collection

Its monsoon season in East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.  Wave height reaches 3-4 meters.  Very dangerous for small to medium vessels.  So to kill time, i took several photos of my popper collection using studio light.

Lets start with the newest Adhek Bali Penipen.  These excellent floating swimbait needs a softer rod tip to make the "GT Crazy" action.  Short and long soft jerks with "tip side n down" method is needed for ones to master them. It comes with 3 sizes i.e. short, medium and long Penipen.
Long 160g, 25cm hook 5/0
Medium 140g, 23cm, hook 4/0
Short 100g, 20cm, hook 4/0

Next is the Ocean Lady and Young Lady.  These pencil ladies are suitable when the sea is choppy or you can cast them when there is a lot of baitfish.  Ocean Lady weights 160gram, 30cm and uses 2 5/0 trebles.  It smaller Young Lady weighted at 100g, 25cm and 2 4/0 trebles.  These pencils are easy to cast and easy to play with.  Parallel and high sticking with fast reeling produce "panic-baitfish-movement" and  I found it to be highly effective when facing with rough sea.
Young Lady

Ocean Lady

Next Adhek Bali swimmers are the Long Goby and Short Goby.  With softer tip popping rods, these beautiful swimmers emulate perfectly livebait movements. Long Goby is 120gram, 22cm long and need 2 5/0 hooks.  While its smaller Short Goby has 100grm, 18cn and uses 2 4/0 hooks.  I used these lures and cast them into/side of baitfish schooling/frenzy and apply alternately long and short soft jerks - walk the dog.
Short Goby

Long Goby

Below swimmer/pencil is Adhek Bali Dragonet.  This unique 100gram, 18 cm popper uses only 1 4/0 treble at a time.  If i opt to put the treble at the center swivel, Dragonet with sway sideways, zig-zagging with relatively high frequency jerks.  If i put the treble at the end, this swimmer has the " head-nodding" actions.  Highly effective at calm, shallow sea with multiple bait at the surface.

Now we go to chuggers.
What the best chugger for me? Adhck Bali Gecko.
Gecko comes in 4 sizes i.e Big Gecko, Mini Gecko, Baby and Super Mini Gecko.
Big Gecko uses 2 5/0 hooks, weighted at  160gram and 19cm body. In my opinion, this super popper is good for long range casting, produced big splashes with loud sound.  Standard straight popping technique is enough for all sea condition.
Sometimes when my arm fatigued, i used the smaller 120gram, 16cm, Mini Gecko that requires 2 4/0 hooks.  It has the same action as Big Gecko and excellent for all sea condition.
I used Baby Gecko to pop in Pekan waters. This small chugger weighted 50gram, 13cm and uses 2 3/0 hooks.
Mini Gecko

Big Gecko

Big Gecko

Mini Gecko

Big Gecko

Baby Gecko and Mini Dragonet

Below are the Mura Mura Poppers. Comes in two? sizes i.e L and M.  The M weighted at 120gram while the L is 130gram.  Excellent lures that creates big splashes.  Easy to cast too.

Next is one of my favourite i.e Atelier GL-Tsuru Pop 160mchugger type, 130g, hooks 4/0-5/0.  I dont think Atelier produce these anymore.  Extict poppers.  Large splashes but need a strong tip rod.

Below is the legendary Carpenter Sea Frog.  I  only have 2. Very well balanced poppers.

To be continue....