Monday, June 20, 2016

Pencil Popper: Sometimes GT anglers forgot to bring these lures

If the GT closed their mouth for popper and stickbait, try one of these....easy to cast and easy to play...

Craftbait GT-Slide Pencil 160g 310mm

Fisherman Gt Snake 150g

Adhek Bali Ocean Lady

Fisherman Longpen 100 140g

Adhek Bali Pluto

Carpenter Mad Snake 150

Carpenter Sea Snake 150

Friday, June 3, 2016

Q2 2016: Acquisition II

Carpenter Damsel 90
Weight: 90g
Length: 170mm
Hook: Owner ST-66 3/0, Takumi CT77 3/0
Splitring: 250lb
Rod: CV79/35RF , TBL80/30RF-SHP

Carpenter Hustle Pop 130
Weight: 130g
Length: 175mm
Hook: Owner ST-66 5/0, Decoy SW Big 6/0, Takumi CT77 5/0
Splitring: 250lb
Rod: CV79/35RF , TBL80/30RF-SHP, TBL711/35RF, DJ83ML, SP80M

Carpenter GTĪ³ 140 (2016)
Weight: 139g
Length: 240mm
Hook: 11gram = Owner ST-66 5/0, Decoy SW Big 6/0, Takumi CT77 5/0
Splitring: 350lb
Suggested Rod:
F3711/40, EP88/35, EP85/36, EP82/38, CV79/35, CV79/40,MH80H, MH79XH, TBL83/32, TBL80/35, TBL80/40, BLC series

Carpenter Bluefish BF100 (2016)
Bluefish was born in 2005
Weight: 95g
Length: 200mm
Hook: 8 gram = Owner ST-66 4/0, Takumi CT77 4/0
Splitring: 250lb
Suggested Rod: BLC Series, TBL83/32, TBL80/35, EP88/35, EP85/36, EP82/38, CV79/35, TN86,