Monday, October 19, 2015

Q3 2015: Rod Acquisition

Hammer Head Faube 77M+
7' 9" (2360mm)
Weight: 398g
Line max: ~PE10
Lure max: ~180g
Lure suggestion that I used:
Perfect for Hammer Head D to E-Cup, Craftbait GT2 150, GT3 150, Fullscale Kong 180 and 200, Patriot Design MasterBomb 155, Orion ConoCono 160
Official website:

Hammer Head Faube 77H
7' 9" (2370mm)
Weight: 404g
Line max: ~PE12
Lure max: ~250g
Lure suggestion that I used:
Excellent for Hammer Head E to G-Cup (i have no I-cup...yet), Craftbait GT3 170, Fullscale Kong 200, Patriot Design MasterBomb 205, Orion ConoCono 190
Official website:

Ripple Fisher FINAL SPIRIT GT79H
7' 9" (2362mm)
Weight: 404g
Line max: PE10-12
Lure max: 170~220g
Lure suggestion that I used: Hammer Head D to E-Cup, For G-cup slightly harder to chug, due to rod saturation. Craftbait GT2 150, GT3 150, Craftbait Realbait 170, Fullscale Kong 180 and 200, Patriot Design MasterBomb 155, Orion ConoCono 160.
Official website:

Colorful but not color coded

Friday, October 2, 2015

Caught on Carpenter: September 2015

KLL EP82/42 + DJ Anthias 120

Gamma 140H MT

CV 79/40

EP 82/42


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Q3 2015: Lures Acquisition

many thanks to those involved....

GT-γ 160 Diablo

GT-γ 160 and GT-γ 200

Bluefish 140

GT-γ 160

Zeus 150+50 and Pandora 150+30

GT-γ 250

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Q2 2015: Lures Acquisition

Lucky me...many thanks to those involved....

Hammer Head Cherry Asymmetry 200 - SUS316

Carpenter Seafrog 120 Twinhook

Carpenter GT-γ120 10th Anniversary

Carpenter GT-γ140 Diablo Dark Blue and Bluefish-140 Diablo misprint

GT-γ140 Black Abalone and Orange Abalone

front: GT-γ160H vs GT-γ160H Midtune

Carpenter Bluefish BF-140 Pilot fish color

Carpenter Anhias Stripped 120 and Anthias 120Z

Orion Cubera 150, Cono Cono 160 and Monster 150

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Q2 2015: Popping Reel Acquisition

Lucky me...many thanks to those involved....

2013 Stella SW18000 + Fisherman Knob
2013 Stella SW14000 + Yumeya Knob

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2015: Q1 Lures Acquisition

Manage to get few "very-hard-to-get" lures. Thank you very much for those who involved. You know who you are.
p/s: Some comments are copied from Carpenter Australia site and Carpenter Japan website.

Native-Works: Napalm 200mm (90g), 220mm (120g) and 250mm (150g)
Very effective lures and without a doubt one of the most popular lure in the world at this moment. It is highly sought after and extremely hard to get as production runs are very few and far between. The finish is incredible. Beautiful hand crafted lures. Love with the action, with a generous sweep of the rod, the most amazing bubble trial is left behind, while the popper stays sub-surface and zig zags in the most erratic "s" pattern you will ever see. I partner it with EP and TBL series rods.
Abalone White and Abalone Blue finish

Blue Diamond  and Anemone Blue finish
Napalm action

Carpenter Bluefish BF-140, 137g, 224mm, hook size GT Recorder 5/0
I used EP series and TBL series rods for them. Easier to play than Gamma.
GT: EP82/38 ; EP86/40 R-P I ; KLL EP82/42 R-P I ; EP85/36 ; EP88/35 ; TBL80/40 ; TBL711/35
Pilot Fish and Dark blue back finish

Carpenter GT-γ(Gamma) 140H Mid Tuned
This is another supply of non-regular production model lures!
GT-Gamma 140H 'Mid Tuned' are newly tuned GT-Gamma to action between regular model and H model.
Easier to action than others in a range particularly when fishing from taller platform like front deck of game boat.
Bodies are from 4-5 years ago with aluminium finish instead of current hologram (that was what they used back then and we know many people still love them!). Using previously made materials and also for their research purpose. Available in two colours - blue silver and purple silver.  Recommended hooks: Gamakatsu GT Recorder 5/0.  I used EP82/42 and TBL 80/40 to get maximum action and bubble trails.
blue silver and purple silver finish

Carpenter DJ Anthias 2014
DJ Anthias is one of the first and successful lures Carpenter produced in company's early stage and has been continued to produce till early 2000s.
Original Anthias (without DJ) was popper designed for the situation when fish chase lures but doesn't bite and DJ Anthias was designed to dive deeper and create bigger splash with same concept.
DJ Anthias 120 size and balanced for using single hooks for anglers and charters who prefer to use singles. Recommended hooks are Owner SJ41 13/0 with Carpenter 250lb split rings or SJ41 11/0 with two Carpenter 250lb split rings.
Orange yellow and Blue green silver finish

Monday, March 16, 2015

KLL Endless Passion EP 82/42R-Power I

Got the chance to purchase the new Konishi Lure Laboratory (KLL) Endless Passion rod.

Lure Max
  KLL EP82/42R-P1  
1 + H


Points noted from excerption of Carpenter site
EP82/42R-PⅠ was based on the design of EP82/38. This rod was built for those who wants the easiness an EP82/38 rod but with more power to lift big > 40kg GT.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Slow Pitch Jigs

Sharing few slow jigs

Sea Floor Control



New stock came to AG





Self tied....proven!!

Jig Pendek Umur