Monday, May 31, 2010

Pekan: 28 May 2010

Another trip to Karang Luas, Pekan. Consider so-so trip. Plenty of baitfish but bites are rare. Highlight of this trip is the 9.5kg spaniard on popper.

Mazuin new Poseidon Ocean Hunter + Daiwa Certate Hyper Custom

Daiwa Lover

Mine: Branzino & Stella 5000


Golden Trevally

Spaniard on popper

Diamond Trevally on Caprice Kid

Another Ebek

Yours truly

Total catch - so-so la...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pekan: 1st May 2010

An auspicious date for fishing in Pekan with Labour Day holiday, full moon and favorable wind condition. So after confirm with Atoq the date, me, my boss - Awin and Eidi saw our ways to Pekan on 1st May.  By 7am, Azhar MJ already waits us at his private jetty with bot ready to go. I asked him got ice ka? He said plenty...i asked him why plenty ice...he'll see...

By 7.30am, we already cruising to the river mouth.  With favorable wind and sea condition, it only took us ~ 1 hr 15 minutes to Karang Luas with avarage bot speed ~ 23knots.

Total tally: 7 macks, 3 cobias, 2 banded trevally, 1 black tipped shark, ~ 4 coral trouts...

p/s: Unforgettable experience is to see the mack boiling frenzy just like GTs...jumping n anything to them 100% sure hantam!!!!!