Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Poppers: HammerHead E-Cup and CraftBait RealBait, GT2 and GT3

really expensive poppers.....but at least available in the market.

HammerHead E-cup Special Color Watermelon
HammerHead E-cup, 145g, 180mm
Collectors item
CraftBait RealBaits and GT2
From top: HammerHead E-cup, 2 CraftBait Realbaits, 3 CraftBait GT3 and 1 GT2
CraftBait GT-2, 150g, hooks ST66 5/0
CraftBait RealBait 170g, Hooks Decoy GT SP#8/0 or Owner ST66 5/0 or ST76 5/0
CraftBait GT-3, 150g, ST66 5/0
CraftBait GT-3, 150g
CraftBait GT-3, 150g

Shimano 2008 Stella SW18000HG and comparison with 2001 Stella 10000FA and Daiwa Saltiga 6500H DogFight

Pairing with Carpenter MH80H, Stella Japanese Domestic Model JDM Sw18000HG is perfect.  Only thing to do is replacing the ugly knob with lighter aluminum knob i.e. Fisherman or Yumeya Carbon Knob and fill the spool with ridiculously expensive Avani GT PE8.
Nice box
Specification in Japanesse
Loike the bag
Whats in the box - washer, spool band, right handle setup, manuals
1 pice bailarm + nice spool knob
New roller system
JDM model
845 gram
Stella 2001 10000FA = 886gram
silvergold vs bluegold
Dogfight = 831gram
the pairing