Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Poppers: HammerHead E-Cup and CraftBait RealBait, GT2 and GT3

really expensive poppers.....but at least available in the market.

HammerHead E-cup Special Color Watermelon
HammerHead E-cup, 145g, 180mm
Collectors item
CraftBait RealBaits and GT2
From top: HammerHead E-cup, 2 CraftBait Realbaits, 3 CraftBait GT3 and 1 GT2
CraftBait GT-2, 150g, hooks ST66 5/0
CraftBait RealBait 170g, Hooks Decoy GT SP#8/0 or Owner ST66 5/0 or ST76 5/0
CraftBait GT-3, 150g, ST66 5/0
CraftBait GT-3, 150g
CraftBait GT-3, 150g

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