Friday, May 25, 2007

2007 April 14, Lumut, Perak: Launching KRUMS

Behold, on this dated we successfully launched Kamarul's Ocean Pro 3200 with twin 200hp Yamaha 4 stroke outboard and took it for a cruise + boat handling and fimiliarisation at Pulau Sembilan. It took only ~25 minutes from Lumut Yacht Club to Pulau Sembilan with top speed of 42 knots. We really amazed with the engine and the boats hull.

2007 Feb 18, Pekan, Pahang

Alfi got call fro Azhar, our Pekan Tekong, saying the EBEK (diamond trevally) has arrived. WIthout hesitate, we round-up the kakis, pack our light tackle gear and off to Pekan. As with Murphy's law, our trip is not very fruitful. Only 1 bite in the morning. But Azhar says wait till 2.30-3pm when the tide comes in. As always, Azhar is right. Later 4 ebeks + 1 spanish mackerel were subdued. End of the day, i really enjoyed this trip.

My kakis also enjoyed coz they got to try their new Fisherman Yellowtail PE4

2007 Feb 3-9, Freemantle, Perth

Went for samson jigging using Shikari Charter, operated by Allan Bevan. First 2 days cannot fish coz too windy. The 3rd day, we went out and guess what? we are on top of samson school but the bloody fish could'nt care less the lure we offered to them. I caught only 3 samsons, biggest is ! 140cm - 35kg. My friends caught 4. Really f****K-up trip. Probably it is at the end of season. Probably next time i will go during christmas.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

2006 Dec 14-15, Repulse Wreck, Pahang

Supposed to be excellent jigging trip. AFter travelling for 4 hrs, we reach the HMS Repulse wreck and found that a diver's yacht is parked right on top of the wreck. Really frustrating. Never the less we went off to another wreck namely HMS Prince Of Wales, and be hold an armada of 3 big fish boats were park in-line with the wreck.
Jigging activities gives nothing. So i humbly put bait on my TLD 30 and go for bootom fishing. AhGi caught for us plenty of squid during night time so i use some of his squid and caught 1 cobia, 1 skipjack tuna and 1 baracuda. AhGi beeing the luckiest guy on the boat is pulling one ebek and cobia after another. Even Azhar, our tekong surrendered to AhGi when using lures to catch squid. Some how the squids only wants AhGi lure.

Ah Gi's ebek.

2006 Aug 12-14, Jarak Island, Malaysia

Well planned trip by my fishing buddies. Got nice booking date with Ah Ho of Bagan Datuk. This is my 5th tip with Ah Ho. Love his GT Chase boat. Very clean, nice toilet, good meal served and Ah Ho treats his customer very professional. 7 of us went, all of them are geologist. Target is jigging for GT at pinnacle area of Pulau Jarak. Jig weight between 60-200gm were used. I brought along my calstar & exp 6500 but just for showing-off only.
Popping activities produced nothing, except once i hooked-up with a sailfish using Surface Bull GT but the treble hook-up is not solid enough. Twice jumped the sailfish said bye-bye to me.
For 3 days & 2 nights i used al-cheapo rod of Eupro (RM130) with Sustain 5000 loaded with fireline 30lb as my main jigging gear.

Many ang-choh caught by jigging especially when using BlueFox Herring 150g blue. Largest GT is only weighted at 6.5kg.

Really enjoy this trip coz accompanied by my fisshing buddied...ahmad riza, ayah wan, jookee, guba, wak & joe.

2006 July 31, Nusa Penida, Bali

Went to Penida Island, Bali with GT2 of Pak Adhek. Target fish amberjack, dogtooth tuna by jigging. Water depth 70-120m. Need to use minimum 500gm jig. Pak Adhek use 800gm jig. Rough sea, got sea sick for half day.
No dogtooth caught. Plenty of amberjack and ruby snappers. Tested my new Calstar GF760L with Saltiga Exp 6500 + Jigman PE6. Very nice combination.

2006 April 9-16, Lhaviyani Atoll, Maldives

My first oversea's fishing trip. Fishing at Lhaviyani Atoll, ~ 8hr boat ride from Male. Boat is Mas-Hibaru, captain by Ibrahim with 3 crew.
Excellent popping. Less jigging. Plenty GT ranging 5-15kg. Lot of wahoo during trolling.

My Poppers & Big Game Lures

Favorite popper:
Adhek popper collection especially Gecko (all weather), Dragonet (calm sea), Bell (against wind), Goby (swimmer) & Ocean Lady (rough sea)

And all time favourite Yozuri Surface Bull GT 100g + Surface Cruiser 100g

Always used Rapala CD-18 for trolling mackerel. For wahoo, Yozuri Bonito & Braid Marauder.

My rods

My rods
Custom Calstar GF 760L 30-80lb
Custom Calstar GF 760M 40-100lb
Custom Xzoga Takadum G 60 PE 2

Shino GT Pop PE8
Custom Extreme Graphite 86 PE 4-6

Shimano Tiagra 2030 Standup - 30lb
Custom SynderGlas RT 1580 - 30lb
Custom Shikari Boat PE6 - 60lb

Super Light Cast
Loomis & Franklin PE 1.5
Custom SynderGlas Mag Barra 4-6kg


My Reels

Up to date May 2007, my fishing reels includes:

Spinning Reels
1 Shimano Stella SW20000PG
1 Shimano Stella 10000FA
1 Shimano Sustain 5000FB
1 Shimano Stradic 2000
1 Daiwa Saltiga Expedition Z6500
1 Daiwa FreamJ 4500
1 TiCA Taurus TP6000H
1 Ryobi Applause 8000

1 Shimano Tiagra 30W.LRS
1 Shimano TLD 30II
1 Penn GTi 310
1 Penn GTi 320

My First Blog

Hi wellcome to Wan Izhan's life blog.
Loves fishing, golf & guitars.