Thursday, May 24, 2007

2006 Dec 14-15, Repulse Wreck, Pahang

Supposed to be excellent jigging trip. AFter travelling for 4 hrs, we reach the HMS Repulse wreck and found that a diver's yacht is parked right on top of the wreck. Really frustrating. Never the less we went off to another wreck namely HMS Prince Of Wales, and be hold an armada of 3 big fish boats were park in-line with the wreck.
Jigging activities gives nothing. So i humbly put bait on my TLD 30 and go for bootom fishing. AhGi caught for us plenty of squid during night time so i use some of his squid and caught 1 cobia, 1 skipjack tuna and 1 baracuda. AhGi beeing the luckiest guy on the boat is pulling one ebek and cobia after another. Even Azhar, our tekong surrendered to AhGi when using lures to catch squid. Some how the squids only wants AhGi lure.

Ah Gi's ebek.

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