Monday, July 17, 2017

2017: Info on Carpenter The Blue Lagoon series

"The Blue Lagoon" was born in 2005 as a rod to move a swim pencil such as Carpenter Gamma (γ) and  BlueFish more than 100g.  Testing period for this rod is in 2004 in Komodo, Indonesia.  3 models were tested i.e. TBL 80/30, TBL 711/35 and TBL 79/38 which end-up TBL80/30 and TBL711/35 were chosen to go for production in 2005.  During this trip also, BlueFish lures were tested and evaluated.

My first TBL is TBL711/35, bought from 7seasproshop, Bungsamran, Thailand.  Up-to-this-date, I manage to get 8 models of TBL rods with the last is TBL83/32
  1. TBL 80/20 RF
  2. TBL 84/22 RF
  3. TBL 80/30 RF-SHP
  4. TBL 83/32
  5. TBL 80/35
  6. TBL 711/35 RF
  7. TBL 80/40
  8. TBL 80/43R-P1

Note: some rods come with RF or RF-SHP.  I found out that RF = Regular Fast taper and SHP = Super High Power, thicker wall thickness of the carbon structure with higher damage limit.  Newr rods doesn't have extention name RF or SHP.

Most of the time i use TBLs 100% with stickbait and diving bait i.e Gammas, Bluefish, SS lures, Napalms, Bigfoots and HH Cherry Pies.  Current favorite rod is TBL80/35 for playing Gamma 120s & 140s and Napalm 200 & 220.
Currently testing TBL80/20 and TBL84/22 with Gamma 90 Super-L and Gamma 90L, although it is suggested that BLC rods are more suitable.  Also testing TBL83/32 with Gamma 105, although its stated "possible those who has become accustomed to the operation".
Suitable rod for Gamma 120 are TBL80/30, TBL83/32, TBL80/35 and TBL711/35.