Monday, July 17, 2017

2017: Info on Carpenter The Blue Lagoon series

"The Blue Lagoon" was born in 2005 as a rod to move a swim pencil such as Carpenter Gamma (γ) and  BlueFish more than 100g.  Testing period for this rod is in 2004 in Komodo, Indonesia.  3 models were tested i.e. TBL 80/30, TBL 711/35 and TBL 79/38 which end-up TBL80/30 and TBL711/35 were chosen to go for production in 2005.  During this trip also, BlueFish lures were tested and evaluated.

My first TBL is TBL711/35, bought from 7seasproshop, Bungsamran, Thailand.  Up-to-this-date, I manage to get 8 models of TBL rods with the last is TBL83/32
  1. TBL 80/20 RF
  2. TBL 84/22 RF
  3. TBL 80/30 RF-SHP
  4. TBL 83/32
  5. TBL 80/35
  6. TBL 711/35 RF
  7. TBL 80/40
  8. TBL 80/43R-P1

Note: some rods come with RF or RF-SHP.  I found out that RF = Regular Fast taper and SHP = Super High Power, thicker wall thickness of the carbon structure with higher damage limit.  Newr rods doesn't have extention name RF or SHP.

Most of the time i use TBLs 100% with stickbait and diving bait i.e Gammas, Bluefish, SS lures, Napalms, Bigfoots and HH Cherry Pies.  Current favorite rod is TBL80/35 for playing Gamma 120s & 140s and Napalm 200 & 220.
Currently testing TBL80/20 and TBL84/22 with Gamma 90 Super-L and Gamma 90L, although it is suggested that BLC rods are more suitable.  Also testing TBL83/32 with Gamma 105, although its stated "possible those who has become accustomed to the operation".
Suitable rod for Gamma 120 are TBL80/30, TBL83/32, TBL80/35 and TBL711/35.

I am not claim to be an authority in the field of rod, lure and equipment testing and the use of any information on this site is at the user’s and buyer's own risk.  All above writing is just my feedback and opinion.  Please browse official sites for more accurate explanation and description. While I make every effort to provide accurate and complete information, i provide no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any information on this site. I welcome suggestions on how to improve this site’s content and correct errors. 
Lure MAX and line MAX and notation of drag value are reference level. Please consider casting methods and fighting methods etc. as it changes with the person who uses it.
Those who are expert the basics of loading method properly can use bigger lures and even use thicker lines.
Rod weight is a numerical value when measuring the prototype rod. Please acknowledge that there are some errors at the time of product.
Rod Specifications Parts are subject to change without prior notice for improvement. Please note that.

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