Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pulau Jarak: 30th May - 1st June 2008

This trip is considered so-so trip as the current is not favourably. On the evening of the 1st day, fish activities are a lot near P Jarak with GT and ?talang? chasing boiling bait fish. But sadly, no takers on many poppers thrown at them.

The blessing is on bottom fishing where plenty of "banded-snapper" were caught. I manage to get one angchoh and 1 kerapu only. But at 3am, Ah Ho woke me up (probably he cannot sleep due to my snooring), asking me whether i got luminous jigs. He said there are plenty big eye travallys, chasing small fish behing the boat. With half opened eyes, i casted a 40g, self-painted-luminous jig paired with Xzoga Pe2 and Branzino 3000. Instantly, i caught a saizeable bigeye trevally. after the 3rd fish, my colleague woke up asking what is the commotion. I handed him my hookup 4th bigeye to him, asking him to fight. Whoa! it is fight of his life as he only wear sarong. High five to him.

Next day, jigging is not productive as i caught only 1 bluefin, 1 angchoh and 1 tengiri. On the afternoon, we parked near the island as the current is too STRONG for us to do anything. We drifted dead selar on my Tiagra 30. Suddenly the rachet sounded. I thought we caught a tengiri or barracuda. Within seconds a BIG sailfish ~ 60kg+ jumped tailwaked and spitting the hook. We can only watch as never we thought a sailfish hunting so close to the island. Ah Ho said, off-season sailfish is huge but very difficult to track and catch them.