Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sevenseas Hooker jigs

I really love these jigs. Proven to me to catch GT, grouper, tuna, golden snapper, etc.
Cuurently i've only got 7 in my collection, 4 220g original Hooker1, 3 220g Hooker Super Hologram, 1 220g Hooker1 Long and 1 250 Hooker 7 Anatahan.
Note the hologram sticker.  Thorn sticker can be replaced with the original parts from Sevenseas.
Compared to the Hooker 1 220g, the Hooker 7 250g Sinks approximately 1.5 times slower, allowing more hang time and pin point accuracy jigging.
The sharp edges on the rear does not allow the lure to be affected by currents making it possible for pin-point jigging. The darting capabilities surely make Hokker 7 an "Atomic Darter!"

Notice the hologram sticker and body...

TiCA Taurus 6000SH/7000SH

Looking back to my 1st popping reel, TiCa Taurus 6000SH with a spare spool of 7000SH. Excellent reel. Tough body, can handle rough usage. Gear ratio 5.9:1 and weight 22oz. The 7000SH spool can be fill with ~ 250m of 50lb Tuffline XP.

  • 13+1 pcs precision ball bearings.
  • Forged and ported aluminium spool.
  • Computer designed balanced anti-twist rotor.
  • Titanium plated anti-twist line roller.
  • Power handle including 2 ball bearings.
  • CNC machined aluminium handle and anti-reverse lever.
  • Strong SUS stainless steel gear shaft coupledwith huge brass drive gear.
  • Instant anti-reverse.
  • Interchangeable R/L hand.
  • Worm shaft oscillating system.
  • Micronic click set drag setting.
  • Long life coiled tension bail spring.
  • Titanium plated stainless steel spool lip.

  • Friday, September 21, 2007

    Sevenseas Trevally Magic Infinite 81

    Behold my new big game popping rod. Sevenseas Trevally Magic Infinite 81.
    Length: 8.1 ft
    Line: PE#6-10
    Lure: max200g
    Action: Regular
    Power: 8

    Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    Pekan 5-6 Sept 2007: PELAREEF Charter - Pekan Sailfish

    This is very sudden, unplanned decision. On the 1st Sept i was informed to get ready to escort our FIRST Pelareef Charter customer. So me and alfi got together and plan what the next move. We get in touch with oor Tekong Azhar MJ, asking the available date. Azhar said the ONLY date is 5-6 Sept. So we booked the date. Together with alfi & hasran are our Platinum Premier client, consist of Nasir, Nizam & Azrol. The target is SAILFISH.  Weather was excellent on the 5th but a little bit rough on the 6th morning.  Within this 2 days, we landed 14 sailfish with countless hookups, snapped lines, hooks auto-dislodge during fight & boatside etc.  

    Azhar's MJ 30fotter 140HP

    Hasran fighting - EXP6500 + Calstar 760L + 65lb Tuffline


    Nasir's (midlle) first catch.

    hasran, nasir, me, azrol


    beauty & the beast