Monday, October 1, 2007

Daiwa Saltiga Z6500H Dogfight

My ultimate popping reel. Got it as 2nd hand reel. Used once but never catch fish. Just like brand new. The ex-owner said " You're buying a 2nd hand virgin". The first thing i did was change the original drag with Smoooooth Carbontex drag, greased with Cal's Universal grease. Haven't thought what line goes in, most probably Varivas GT Avani PE6 80lb or PE7 90lb line. OR if i'm lucky, i'll get the new Varivas Avani GT SMP PE6 90lb line. And also planning to buy the custom spare spool. We'll see later.

Check out this thread on how to change the carbontex drag.
Daiwa Saltiga Z6500H Dogfight
- Ratio 6.2:1
- 142cm per rotation
- 830 gram / 29.6 oz
- max 30kg drag ????
- Deep spool PE6 400m, PE5 500m
- Manual return bail system
- Cam driven ball bearing supported oscillation
- Water proof (knob, drag, gear box, titanium twist buster line roller)
- Rotor brake in casting
- Tough air bail wire
- Floating pinion gear
- Digital cut gear from material 1.6 times stronger than duralumin
- 14+1 ball bearings
- Perfect double stopper (infinite roller and mechanical)
- One piece machined handle
- Round Power Knob
- Basically this reel is the high speed model of the Saltiga Z6500 Expedition

Just like "Dental-Cosmetic-Filling"

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