Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pulau Jarak, 24-26 Nov 2007

2 Jarak trips in a month...hehehe
Anglers include Wak, Mokhtar, Guba, Ayah Wan, Yu, Nizam & Nazir + Me. 8 of us depart from Bagan Datuk's jetty approx 10.30am. Me & Mokhtar arrived slightly late to our task to get the mantis prawn & kembung for bottom bashing.
According to plan, we're going to jigging at Hutan Melintang Sea Mount which according to Ah Ho located about 40km Southwest of Pulau Sembilan. It took us ~3 1/2 hrs from the jetty to reach the seamount. This is my first time at the seamount. ~ 2pm we reached the location. Based on the wave riple, I estimated the size of the seamount ca 0.4kmsq. From Ah Ho's info, the water depth at the based at the mount ca 80-85m and at the top, the depth ca~30-35m.
I immediately setup my Jigzam PE3-5 with PE4 Jigman 4X with Stella 8000FA. The jig i used is 280g blue Jigging Master Horseback. We caought several GTs after spendind ~ 4hrs at seamount. The biggest is caught by me - weighted 14kg and 5kg. Nizam caught 4 Gts ranging from 3-5kg. During the tide's turn, Ah Ho said to us to be careful due to the abundance of black tip shark in this area. I said to Ah Ho probably this time the shark won't come coz we already got Yu (shark in Malay) in our boat.

We moved to Jarak ca 6.30pm and arrive there at 8pm. I quickly setup for bottom fishing hoping the snappers agreed to my mantis prawn offer. Till morning i found my mantis prawn is still alive and kicking. Wee tried some popping near Batu Mandi but no takers. Seems like the fish around the island is not active at all. During tide turn at 10am we moved to 2 jigging spots South of Jarak. The 1st one is ~60m deep but no takers. We moved to 2nd spot ~80m depth. During the 2nd drift Mokthar caught a nice 2kg grouper that went straight to our chef. The fish are quite active during our jigging session with plenty of 1-2kg angchohs and groupers. The climax is when Nazir caught a 15kg GT. Being his 2nd jigging trip, he is quite new to big fish. He faught the fish very fast with high rod pump action. His rod broke when the GT make its 4th run......At the end with Mokhtar's help we manage to haul the GT onto the deck. After photograph session (including ME)...we released the fish harmlessly.

That afternoon we parked at Batu Mandi. I started popping. For 2 hrs all of us alternately pop for GT but to my surprise there was no taker at all. Frustrated, we suggest to Ah Ho to move to ship wreck to try our luck there. Only 1 snapper was landed by Wak at the wreck. I noticed that the wind and the tide direction are not favourable for our boat to park near the wreck. The NW wind started to pickup after we finished our dinner and Ah Ho quickly get the boat to safety at Pulau Sembilan. We rested from the 30-40km/h NW wind behind Pulau Rumbia till morning. I woke up in the morning after Nazir scream sailfish! sailfish!...Sailfish at Pulau Rumbia? I must see. True the sailfish happily jumping and teasing us. After breakfast we went to Pulau Batu Hitam to try our luck there. A boat from Lumut is beside us and one of them is livebaiting with selar and caught a ~15-20kg sailfish. After 3 third jump the line broke. Ah Ho was reliefed saying that is the fish is boarded, surely it when into the Igloo.

Without any takers at Batu Hitam, Ah Ho suggested we goto a place called Batu Jepun, near Pulau Payong to try our luck with Talang/Queenfish. The water depth at Batu Jepun ca~5m. You can even see the underneath rock during the low tide. Only Guba got at tug while others not even a lick from the fish. We reached the jetty ~ca 2pm.

14kg Caranx ignobilis

280 Jigging Master Horseback works!!!

5kg GT

Nazir's fish

Nazir's fighting 15kg Gt with a broken rod

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