Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jig: Patriot Design "The Blast Edge"

Got these jigs as for my last 2007 shoping at Ah Boys Sri Kembangan.  Many resemblance of Sevenseas Hooker 7 Anatahan jig.
Love the holograms of these jigs. Probably need to put 1/2 drop of superglue to secure the 3D ruby coloured eyes.  Probably due to inexperience in production, the finished quality still poor, especially the full hologram jigs - you can noticed the lines where hologram stickers met.  Even the labeling is also inconsistent.  Areas the the eys also need to be improved.

Planning to go to SunVista wreck on 31-1 Jan 2008 with Ah Chong of Lumut.

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