Sunday, April 13, 2008

Light Casting Lures

After gone to Pekan last month, i got addicted by casting "small' sinking lures with Stella 5000 filled with TuffLine 20lb matched with Xzoga Custom PE2. Bought a few for my next Pekan trip in May. Got 3 Jackson Pin Tail Tune 40g lures, 1 Ima Honey Trap 95ss, 1 Ima heavy Surfer 90, 2Yozuri/Duel Livebait Jig Minnow.  These accroding to Azhar MJ, these lures are proven to catch coral trout, diamond trevally, GT, spanish mackerel and cobia at Karang Luas and Berhala Island.
Will use #1 Owner Stinger Treble 3X ST-56TN on all of these lures.
Check these site IMA, Jackson

Ima Heavy Surfer

Jackson Pin Tail Tune

Ima Honey Trap

Yozuri Livebait

Duel Livebait Jig Minnow

Size comparison with Micro Gecko, Mini Dragonet & Duel Slider

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