Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New rods in the family: Carpenter Long Reef, Carpenter The Blue Lagoon, Hots Gipang TideLez, Tenryu Spike

CARPENTER Long Reef LR-86 Custom
Length: 2615mm
PE: 6-8
Lure Max: 180g
Drag: 5-7kg (max 10kg)
Rod weight: 420g
Simply the best long distance casting rod available. It is ideally suited to a range of lure weights between 80-170grams and 80-100lb braid. A very versatile tool, and great fish fighter considering its length. LR ( Long Reef ) series are most suitable for those who have passed the initial stage of mastering the popping technique. This rod is an " all purpose " rod that can cast surface / pencil poppers and stickbaits a long distance.  If one only aims to own one popping rod for all the tasks, LR86 is the rod for such person.

CARPENTER The Blue Lagoon TBL 711/35RF
Length: 2450mm
PE: 6-8
Lure Max: 170g
Drag: 5-8kg (max 11kg)
Rod weight: 415g
TBL ( The Blue Lagoon ) series are specifically designed to work with stickbaits, a relatively new technique in targeting GT / YFT. The best rod for stickbaits in the 100-150g class. The technique has proven to be effective to catch other " colateral " catches such as wahoo, tenggiri, etc..  80/30RF SHP is for use with PE6 and 711/35RF is for use with up to PE8 line. 

Repaint 711 paired with SW18000

High pumping with nice bending

HOTS Gipang Tide Lez 78MH
PE: 4-6
Length: 2377mm
Lure Max: 120g
Drag: 4-7 (max 9kg)
Rod weight:
Designed for poppers and stickbaits in the 60-110g class. A light rod with a medium action. Ideal for 30-50lb braid.

TENRYU Spike Offshore SK 762-20

PE: 1-2.5
Line 12-20lbs
Length: 1780mm
Lure Max: 28-90 gram
Drag: max 3.5kg
Rod weight: 240g
Designed for light lures eg. Jackson Pintail 35-50g and small up to 70g popper and stickbaits. Ideal for PE1-3 braid.

My whole popping collection till end of 2010 - Carpenter Long Reef 86, Carpenter TBL 711, Sevenseas Trevally Magic Infinite 81, Shimano Caranx Kaibutsu Long Cast, Hots Gipang Tide Lez 78MH, Shino GT Pop, Extreme Graphite Custom, Tenryu Spike Offshore 762


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