Sunday, April 3, 2011

Poppers: Patriot Design XTX-140

Patriot Design XTX 140 is a great rough water GT lure providing a combination of both surface and sub surface presentaions. A very easy popper to work the XTX will pop and splash when worked aggressively but when worked slower the lure will swim just sub surface with a nice wobbling action. This sub surface action sees a rise in hook-up ratios whilst still getting the thrill of a topwater explosion. Also comes with a bigger version of XTX 175.
 from the site : Patriot Design
It can dart, it can dive. It will really open your eyes with its fantastic wobbling action.

The X.T.X. is an incredibly responsive super GT lure. Whether you use weak rod action or strong; high speed reeling or slow, the X.T.X. will respond wonderfully.
When jerking and twitching the X.T.X. will not only dart to the left and right but dive to between 50 and 80cm below the surface. Any following or watching GT’s will be unable to resist the temptation of the X.T.X.’s wobble as it rises back toward the surface.
The X.T.X. floats between horizontal and 35°to the horizontal. Its balance is such that is always holds this pose when no rod action is applied. The position of the hooks and the excellent balance mean also that the ‘hook up’ rates are very high whatever method you are using.
The great balance and the bullet like shape of the X.T.X. allows for long smooth casting. In fact, we encourage you to use the X.T.X. in a variety of ways. From no action to slight shaking of the ‘neck’, darting, diving, popping and casting with minnow like wobbling action, the X.T.X. is an all round GT hunting lure which performs at an incredibly high standard in all games.

How to use
Cast the X.T.X. and start reeling to produce “minnow like” wobbling action. Stop reeling and start twitching to produce the dart/dive action.
Use jerk and jerk method to produce wide left and right darting and diving. Stop jerking and reeling to allow for the wobbling action as the X.T.X. rises towards the surface.
If you want to try some popping please be sure to keep the rod in a vertical position for best results. Due to the design and shape of the X.T.X. if the rod is not held vertical then it will dive instead of pop when action is applied.


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