Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stunning discovery Stella SW2008: JDM SW10000XG vs US 10000SW

Got a opportunity to compare Stella 2008 Japanesse DOmestic Model (JDM) Stella SW10000XG vs US/Export version Stella 10000SW. The best part is reel weight and spool weight and its size.
I have not yet test the spool capacity. From Shimano Catalogue, PE5 = 300m.

Notice the colour difference

left : JDM       right: US

10000SW = 668g

SW10000XG = 638g

Body with handle 10000SW = 506g

Spool 10000SW = 142g

Spool 10000SW with cap = 162g

Body with handle SW10000XG = 505g

Spool SW10000XG = 114g

Spool with cap SW10000XG = 133g
left : US       right: JDM

left : US       right: JDM  notice the spool lip thickness

left : US       right: JDM

notice diameter difference

JDM has smaller diameter

JDM spool: notice the SR label

US spool: notice the same SR label - got gap!!!

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