Monday, October 17, 2011

New Caledonia LPB: Oct 26-30, 2011

Preparing for the trip of lifetime.
Never been to New Cal. Known close friends that have experience are Darren, Eidi, Fendi and Gobin.
Based on their experience, min rod and reel are PE6 where easily bullied by mama GT. PE8-12 are more advisable.
Based on photos, LPB's Jack Yvan is very nice Antares class boat.
So now sorting what to bring. Also testing how many rods can Carmate or Nature Boys rod case can accommodate.
Big challenge is to limit Qantas luggage 23kg including rod case.
Probably will not bring any jigging rod i.e. will use popping rod to jig. And only bring few (less than 10 jigs - few Hookers and JMs).
List below will be censored to meet the 23kg limit.

Popping Carpenter rods
1. MH80H/40 - confirm
2. MH79XH/ 45 - confirm
3. TBL711/35 - confirm
4. EP82/38 - confirm
5. TBL80/20 - confirm

1. Stella SW18000XG - Varivas Avani GT PE8 and SOM NL 20000 Varivas SMP PE8
2. Stella SW10000XG - SOM NL 16000 SMP PE8
3. Stella 10000SW - SOM NL 16000 Avani GT PE6
4. Stella 10000FA - SOM NL 16000 Avani GT PE6
5. Saltiga Dogfight 6500H - Avani GT PE8
6. Saltiga 5000H - Ultrajigman PE5
7. Stella SW5000XG - Tufline PE3

1. Adhek Bali Gecko
2. Craftbait GT2 & GT3
3. Hammerhead G-cup
4. El Toro & FCL Labo
5. Mura-Mura

1. Carpenter Gamma 200 & Pandoras
2. Adhek Bali Penipen,  Goby, Ocean Lady, Young lady
3. FLC Labo Squidpen
4. Craftbait Realbait & Dartbait
5. Few pintails

1. Crimp Plier, crimp sleeves, splitring pliers
2. NT swivels
3. Solid & split rings
4. Hooks - Gamakatsu GT Recoder 8/0, Owner ST76 & ST66
5. Fisherman Leader 170, 200, 240lb - either twisted or with biteleader
6. etc..etc

our bags and rod case

PE6 & PE8, Stellas & Daiwas

mainly Carpenters, 1 ripplefisher n 1 fisherman

MH80H, TBL77/35, EP82/38

Carpenter Pandora

Ocean Lady, MuraMura, Gamma 200g

Craftbait GT3 170g, Sevenseas Valkyrie II, Fullscale Kong, Hammerhead

Orion Cono Cono

Gamma 200

Adhek Penipen 

SS Trumpet

EP bending

Endless Passion 82/38

Sevensea Valkryja II 125g

Penipen & GT2

Jackson Pintail

TBL711/35 + 10000SW SOM16k

MH80H + Stella 18k

Fullscale Kong

Carpenter GT Gamma 200

MH80H + stella 18k