Friday, January 2, 2015

Port Dickson: 1 Jan 2015

My 1st slow pitch jigging trip.  Need to learn for the expert Otai and Eidi.
Struggling with tempo on the right handed overhead reel Ocea Jigger.
Equipment brought OJ 1500HG filled with YGK X8 PE2, paired with Propagate rod BP 606-5.
Quote from
"Beat was a private brand, specializing in slow pitch jigging, established in 2011 by Mr. Toshiya Ogai. He is a lure designer and studied slow pitch jigging with Sato Sensei.
Propagate is all made in Japan. A little longer than Slow Jerker. It has captured fans and very solid reputations."

Happy Day

Target fish

not bad for a start of 2015
not bad for a beginner

multiple hookup with Cpt Ali

Another for newbie

multiple hookups of Trevallies

Eidi with tasteful garouper

md Nor with his MJ while Eidi is still fighting

My Sifus


ibnu said...

salam tuan tgk hasil ikan agak pon slow pitch jigger..biasa main port nk cuba main kat PD...tuan bole bagi no tekong bot yg kt dlm gambar tu pd sy?


wassap no: 011-12977129

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