Thursday, May 19, 2016

Q2 2016: Carpenter Rods in da house (part 2) incl Acquisition I

Carpenter Monster GT Hunter MH79XH
excerpt from Fish Head Aussie
quote "The Monster Hunter 79XH is the heavier of the two rods in the series. A shorter more powerful rod than the MH80H the 79XH is a serious PE#10 popping rod. Featuring a stiffer tip and a slightly faster action the 79XH is right at home throwing poppers up to and slightly beyond 200g. It is also capable of casting some of the largest stickbaits in the 200g+ range. This is a fantastic rod to have in the arsenal on any big GT hunting expedition! With the massive lifting power in the butt, it is a great rod for locations where the angler has no choice but screw the drag down and try to bully a big fish off the reef." end quote.

Carpenter Monster GT Hunter MH80H II
excerpt from Fish Head Aussie
quote "The Monster Hunter 80H II is a fantastic all round GT rod for lures up to 200g.  This is the upgraded version of the hugely popular original MH80.  The new rod is 20mm longer than the old and has the loading point further down the rod for improved angler comfort.

With power in reserve this rod is a joy to use for long periods of time and thanks to the slightly more progressive action, it is very comfortable to fight big fish with. One of the very best PE#8-10 popping rods, for anglers who want to throw a variety of large GT lures!" end quote.

Carpenter F3 711/40
excerpt from Carpenter Aussie
quote "New F3 711/40 is all-round type rod that is for similar purpose to Monster GT Hunter series rods (MH series rod) however development has been purely focussed in making fighting effort easier and as the result, rod has different action enough for Carpenter to release under different series.
Anglers now have rod selection between F3 and MH for similar purpose and both series will be continued in current range.
F3 will be a great choice for anglers who like to ease fighting than existing MH series rods using stickbait type lures as well as swimming action type poppers.
MH series rods will be more suitable to the anglers who like traditional 'power' style popping using large cup poppers as F3 711/40 has softer tip section compare to MH.
MH 80H II is in between but more on MH80H side.

* We would also like to point that this F3 is still considered as heavy 40lb rod although its focus in development to reduce loading effort, and it doesn't miraculously make anglers who is generally struggle using heavy tackle able to use them. " end quote.

So in summary, comparison on "Power" for F3 and MH series:

F3 < MH80H II < MH80H < MH79XH < MH79 Extreme

Carpenter The Blue Lagoon TBL80/35
initial 2 cents feedback: PE6 rod.  Used this rod for Maihime 120 and Gamma 120 and 140 class. Also good for BF140. Nice tip action when sweeping the Maihime, gammas and BFs. Nice for Pandora 155 + 25 155 + 50 and Zeus 150 + 25 150 + 50.
Too stiff for BF100 and gamma 105, better use TBL80/30.

Carpenter Coral Viper CV79/35
initial 2 cents feedback: PE6 rod.  Used this rod for Maihime 120 and Gamma 120 and 140 class. Also good for BF120 and BF140. Nice tip action when sweeping the Maihime, gammas and BFs.  Too stiff for BF100 and gamma 105.  Too soft for gamma 160.

Carpenter La Grand Mer Super Popping SP80M

Hammer Head Faube 78ML
initial 2 cents feedback: i can cast SF Twinhook popper all day with this rod. This rod is made for HH C-D cup, Napalm 220 and to max limit of Craftbait GT2 150 popper.

Hammer Head Trinity C4 TC4-82/8
initial 2 cents feedback: I used this rod for gamma 160 series (with decoy 7/0).  Nice action with slightly stiffer tip compared with TBL80/40.

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