Thursday, December 22, 2016

Available in the market: HammerHead Faube series rods in Q4 2016

HammerHead FAUBE rod series

3 Faube class rods are available from Hammer-Head i.e. Faube 77H,  Faube 77M+ and Faube 78ML. Faube rods were built mainly for the comfort and the maximum potential of Hammer-Head Faube poppers.  Faube blank can be characterised to have a lot of "kick" i.e. the casting distance depends on anglers power and techniques they applied.  My 1st feel that these rods are way to stiff for me, but after hook-up, the rod bend nicely from tip to butt with high lifting power. Short stroke of lifting i.e from horizontal to 60 deg with fight fish nicely. Caution for those who have back problems and slip disc thou.

Lets review the lightest Faube first....

Faube 78ML
One of my favorite all-day chugger rod. 7.8 feet (7 feet 9 inches) and weight 396 gram.  Stated on the blank max lure 160gram with max line of PE10.  Normally i paired with HH D-cup (130g), Napalm 220, GT2 150, Seafrog twinhook 120, SS Lure Jenna 130 and Fullscale Kong 180.  Notice that most lures are below 140gram size.  By using Stella 2008 SW10000XG with SOM 16000 spool,  filled up with PowerPro red 100lb and initial drag setup of 10kg, Okubo knot style system and Fisherman leader 170lb, Faube 78ML is one of my old-man-all-day-chugger-rod.
Mr Eidi of Anglers Garage bends Faube 78ML with HH D-cup (Pic courtesy of HammerHead )

Faube 77M+
7.7 feet = 7 feet 8 inches, Line max: ~PE10, Lure max: ~180g.
I used this rod mainly with HH E-cup (145g), Craftbait GT2 150, Craftbait GT3 150g, Napalm 220 and 250, Fullscale Kong 180and 200, Patriot Design MasterBomb 155 and Orion Cono-Cono 160g. Tip and rod is more stiffer than 78ML but still light weight. Frankly, not so forgiving blank on my back if I set it on high drag more than 13kg.

Bending Faube 77M+ with 12-13kg fight drag.

Faube 77H
Heaviest of Faube series. 7.7 feet = 7 feet 8 inches, Line max: ~PE12 with lure max 250g.  Never got the chance to test fishing with this rod yet.  Initial pond testing shows it was design to cast and chug HH Faube popper of E-cup, G-cup and I-cup.

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