Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2017: Info on Carpenter Discovery Journey (DJ) Series

Carpenter Discovery Journey (DJ) series rod comes in two sizes i.e. DJ83ML and DJ83MH.
DJ series can be classified as La Grande Mer LGM ALL-ROUNDER rod.

It is said that Konishi-san of Carpenter took LGM series rods (6 series incl SP, WV, DJ, LR, LA and Tuna) for field testing in various GT infested water more than 120 days in a year between 1998 and 1999 before mass production begin.

DJ series was developed for popping when the waves are high.  It is a saltwater GT casting rod which has hybridized carbon material i.e. this rod consists of two types of low elastic carbon and medium elastic high strength carbon.
The tip and middle part of this rod have flexibility in the carbon shaft while at the same time, retaining a strong butt power.  This results in fewer mistakes while popping during high waves. Therefore, i consider this rod is the multi-purpose-rod for beginner GT angler.   Also due to elastic carbon content and if you do not have confidence in your physical fitness,consider the DJ series as a regular rod which help to reduce fatigue during fighting GT.

Note that Monster Hunter (MH) series was born from DJ blank.

DJ-83ML (33lb)
PE#5-6-8 / lure max 170g / weight 405g / max drag 10kg
DJ-83MH (40lb)
PE#6-8-10 / lure max 220g / weight 425g / max drag 12kg

My DJ series
DJ83ML is a rod of "middle style" design with both length and power action. It is recommended as the first beginer rod of those who can not have many rods.  Operation is "easy" i.e. casting, fight and lifting power. With DJ 83ML, it is relatively easy to move GT - γ 120g and 140g and pop Seafrog 120-170grams.

DJ83MH is 7 pound heavy version than DJ 83ML. Characteristic of the rod is a rod that is easy to handle like DJ83ML. DJ83MH is recommended if you are using a large lure (150 g or more) as the main lure. GT - γ 160g - 200g is the best matching.

Due to difficulty of LGM carbon material recipe, Carpenter has stopped DJ series production.

Please refer to official Carpenter site for accurate information : Discovery Journey

Carpenter builder Konishi-san with DJ83ML lifting 8kg weight
(pic courtesy of Carpenter website)

Carpenter builder Konishi-san with DJ83MH lifting 10kg weight
(pic courtesy of Carpenter website)

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Lure MAX and line MAX and notation of drag value are reference level. Please consider casting methods and fighting methods etc. as it changes with the person who uses it.
Those who are expert the basics of loading method properly can use bigger lures and even use thicker lines.
Rod weight is a numerical value when measuring the prototype rod. Please acknowledge that there are some errors at the time of product.
Rod Specifications Parts are subject to change without prior notice for improvement. Please note that.

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