Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Trip Preparation : Rods

Got few quiries on which rod do i bring to popping trips.
Well, it still depends on where is the location, what is the target fish size, which lure to have more weighted i.e. popper or stickbait, how big is the popper, which reel to pair with...etc etc...

I kinda know that it is nearly impossible to have a multifunctional GT popping rod that can cast 150g chugger and 150g stickbait all day.  Specific rod is for specific task.
But for me, i am happy if i can cast and use Seafrog Twinhook 120 and Gamma/Bluefish 140 using only 1 rod, targeting GT between 15-35kg.  So all day rod for me is either CV79/40 or F3 711/40.  I might also voted for MH80/40.  Noted all my choice is from 40lb class which in my opinion can chug a 120gram chugger and play Gamma / Bluefish 140 kinda "easy".  Also these 3 rods have the "power" to lift sizeable stubborn GT when it lie underneath the boat.

From left: CV79/40, SP76ML, MH79EXT, F3711/40, TBL80/35, PJ80/36

As per establishment, Carpenter rods are classed based on their poundage which help us to estimate the max lure and max drag force.  Belows are few example of Carpenter series

Note, when comparing the 40lb class, CV 79/40 is a PE6-8 rod which kinda forgiving "beginner rod" and has the least LureMax i.e. 200g which indicate the tip is slightly softer which is good for lighter stickbait eg. 120-140gram Gamma. Also, with the lightest rod weight, CV79/40 paired with Stella 14000 will gives angler less fatigue for whole day usage. I have tested F3 711/40 and MH80/40 and in my opinion, they are suitable for γ-200 with minimum  γ-160 with PE10 setup.

I am not claim to be an authority in the field of rod, lure and equipment testing and the use of any information on this site is at the user’s and buyer's own risk.  All above writing is just my feedback and opinion.  Please browse official sites for more accurate explanation and description. While I make every effort to provide accurate and complete information, i provide no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any information on this site. I welcome suggestions on how to improve this site’s content and correct errors. 
Lure MAX and line MAX and notation of drag value are reference level. Please consider casting methods and fighting methods etc. as it changes with the person who uses it.
Those who are expert the basics of loading method properly can use bigger lures and even use thicker lines.
Rod weight is a numerical value when measuring the prototype rod. Please acknowledge that there are some errors at the time of product.
Rod Specifications Parts are subject to change without prior notice for improvement. Please note that.

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