Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tukun Perak: 16-18 Jan 2009

Season opening trip - Last minute replacement. 
Tukun Perak / Pulau Perak situated 87 nautical mile/162km northeast of Penang Island. 
Geographically located at latitude 5 41.0 degrees North of the Equator and longitude 98 56.0 degrees East of the Prime Meridian.  
Average water depth is 80-100m with some says deep holes can goes up to 120m.
Common fish caught by anglers include GTs, mangroove jack, spanish mackerel, red/gold snappers.

Sevenseas Trevally Magic + Saltiga Dogfight PE5
Shimano Caranx Kaibutsu + Saltiga 4500H PE4 

Calstar 760M + Saltiga Exp PE6 Varivas
Tenryu Jigzam + Stella 8000 PE4 UltraJigman

Shimano Tiagra + Daiwa Tanacom Bull PE6 Tuffline

Sabel Dance + Stella 5000 PE2 Tuffline

sevenseas hookers 220g
Jigging Master 200-300g
Duel Tamentai 150-350g
glow-in-dark 40-60g jigs
yamashita squid jigs

adhek bali - gecko, young lady, etc
river2sea gt pop
yozuri popper
cheapo flourencense popper

The trip was "BAD" due to the NE wind blown @ 30-50 knot creating white cap and swells.  We had to take shelter behind the island.  Even the local fishing boats also took shelter.  We entertained ourself by fishing small fish behind the island. Only Darren caught a 4kg spanish mackerel and a good size "tiger" garouper.  Rest of us only caught small "coral trout".
On the way back, we stopped at 2 ship wrecks i.e ?147 and russian wreck.  Both spots = zero fish. to pop??

u need a good boat with stabilizer to pop in this situation.

Ah Eng's boat.

Impresed with the arsenal.

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