Friday, April 10, 2009

Dulang-Pulai Trip - 23-27 May 2009

My friend Black form Lumut offered me this trip with Che Mat of Kuala Besut. Trip will cover Dulang, Semangkok, Tapis n Pulai oilrigs. Still haven't decide what to bring, but the main agenda is popping GTs and jigging for big eyes. Bottoma will target red snapper. Distance from Kuala Besut to Pulai rig via Dulang is 181 nautical miles = 335km. Hopefully the NE monsoon is over.

Have been told by Black "Organiser", that this trip is meant for popping n jigging. Bottom fishing will be done when the boat is parked or in "rest" mode. Water depth ranging from 60 -91m.

Sevenseas Trevally Magic + Saltiga Dogfight + UltraJigman PE5
Shimano Caranx Kaibutsu LC + Saltiga 4500H + Tuffline PE5

Tenryu Jigzam + Stella 8000 + UltraJigman PE4

Shimano Tiagra + Daiwa Tanacom Bull PE6 Tuffline

Abu Conolon + Stella 5000 PE2 Tuffline

sevenseas hookers 160g+220g
Duel Tamentai 150g
Yozuri Metallic Sardine 80g-150g.
glow-in-dark 40-60g jigs
yamashita squid jigs

adhek bali - gecko, young lady, etc
river2sea gt pop
yozuri popper
cheapo flourencense popper

Still have not pack yet.
To be continued....

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