Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jarak Trip: 19-21 Dec 2009

Team Mantop

Fuhhh....its been along time....
This year i considered bad year for me fishing...too many trips hit by storm...
For year-end closure, Mukhtar invites me for his jarak trip in december with GT chaser.
After detail consideration, i accept his offer. Now i have to dig back all my equipments. Maybe check all the lines, hooks, jigs, poppers, etc. The date chosen gonna be dark moon, so jigging in very fast water, maybe 200-350g jigs.....but no new shopping...only use what i have :)

Apek with the last Ang Choh @ Pulau Sembilan

Hiro-san amazed with his 15kg garouper. Taken on his MC Works blank jig rod. He even hold the spool when the fish tried to get back to its hole.
p/s want to know more about yamaga blank..seen its lifting power, strong back bones

Hiro-san garouper...caught on self made color...

atuk wait for the bells to ring

small GT from the pinnacles

legendary Jarak Island

check out the arsenals...walau weh...

bung mukhtar with nice ang choh

the richest man on the boat...botak..

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