Sunday, February 27, 2011

New in family: Carpenter Monster Hunter 80H, The Blue Lagoon TBL80/20FR and MajorCraft Crostage CRJ-S60/3 and CraftBait GT-3

shopping this weekend.....
p/s...i need a new rod rack....
5 carpenters????

Carpenter Monster Hunter MH80H
This model was designed by new carbon crossing and a new process by using DJ series as a base. 
The model corresponding to high load drag.  The power of this rod is almost the same as DJ-83MH. However, since the quality of the materials differ, large load can be caught direct. 
The power of a rod is not spoiled even if it does a fight by 20kg of drag setup.

8'0" PE8-10, Lure Max 250g, MaxDrag 13kg, wt 430g

Carpenter TBL80/20RF
The Blue Lagoon is a great display of technology applied to fishing by Carpenter. Among the most remarkable facts about this rod is its multi-layered graphite blank, which gives almost unbeatable attributes of power and strength. And that is accomplished without compromising the rod's lightness and management. 

Working lures is easy with The Blue Lagoon thanks to a sensitive rod tip that provides a delicate feeling – nothing further from reality: with a good GT at the end of your line, The Blue Lagoon shows all its strength and lets you konw why it is renowned as an almost unbreakable rod. 

 The rod was built with 'Multi layered carbon' technology. This technology  is very costly to produce but  can make the ideal rod, have a softer tip so that it's easy to cast but have a strong backbone and very difficult to break. This is the perfect rod to use with stickbaits. The softer tip will keep the stickbaits in the water.

This rod pairs fighting power with a sensitive tip that has the optimal stiffness to work poppers with ease. 

Length: 8'0'' (2.470 mm) 
Line: PE #3-4 
Lures (max): 100 g 
Drag: 7 kg 
Pieces: 1+handle 
Weight: 367 gr 
Length (broken down): 1.760 mm

Carpenters with red tape: LR86, TBL 711/35RF, MH80H, TBL80/20RF

 MajorCraft Crostage CRJ-S60/3

6'0" PE1-3, Lure 60-120g, MaxDrag 3kg, wt 170g


few CraftBait GT-3 poppers + sunglasses strap

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