Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rompin: 12-13 Feb 2011

2 day strip with Ah Liang of Rompin.
Ah Liang 2nd bot
Rumah Rehat Kg 3rd time

Kg Bernas Jetty
Pelareef Hooker Gang
Kamarul's arsenal....Poseidons

Mine...with new PE1 Sabel Dance

RM5 photo with Ah Liang
Mr Blues

Well equip with GPS tracker...just in-case of emergency

Peace...Love..Harmony and Have Some Fun

Ciggie time.......PE1 SabelDance with Branzino 3000

Kamarul's cobia

Underwater casing NICE....

21kg Cobia
cherry pop Carpenter with sailfish

Another sailfish

Our quarry

Another one

2 days results

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