Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adhek Bali Ghost Jig

 I have the opportunity to visit Pak Adhek house cum factory during my last trip to Bali. Bought some jigs i.e. Ghost Jig from him. 
These jigs are already proven to me, catching golden snapper at Jarak and my frens catched rubbies and  doggies in Alor. Whenever there is a need for centre-weighted jigs, Adheks Ghost jigs are the go to choice, bar none.
Ghost Jigs comes in different sizes i.e. 80g to massive 700g. These jigs can be retrived at high and low speed. Jigs weighted more than 150g has slim design at jig head to ease jigging even in fast current condition, proven easier than other design.  It also has proven fast sinking during fast current.

Shining hologram sticker finish to attract pelagic and bottom dwellers. There are few hologram design i.e. wavy design, zig-zag, small dot, plain hologram. Colours are pink, blue, green, purple, natural and few combination. Dunno why, but i still preferred pink for my deep water jigging.
Also at the belly of the jigs, thin strips of luminescence color is added and i think it is the most important part during my deep jigging trip. These "lumo" colour last more than 1/2 hour.
As for quality, these jigs are second to none. Paintjob, sticker assembly, weight distribution were QCed before these jigs goes to the jigger hand.
Currently, these jigs are "made to order" format, since the local demand is very high.

me n Pak Adhek

several sizes and colors of Ghost Jigs

Asymmetrical design

2 type of design: sardine like and center weighted like
New Gecko color scheme

sanding poppers

meticulous paint job

me with the ever friendly Pak Komang

rarest of all: no 2 of 10 Ocean Revolution aka Carpenter Sea Frog
with Abalone finishing

adding my Penipen and Goby collection
i wish i had these too

My Hani with some of Pak Adhek popper collection

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