Monday, June 13, 2011

Carpenter: Monster Hunter 79XH and Blue Chaser 83/40 R-Power Max

Monster Hunter 79XH
Heavier version of MH80H.
quoted from Brandon Khoo "This rod is another step up in power and I see this as a serious PE10 rod. The tip is probably approaching the EXH is stiffness and while the action is still relatively fast, it has a more forgiving taper than the SP rods like the EXH and UHL. Down low, this rod has loads of power. I found that this rod could take anything I was capable of dishing out on a fish and still had heaps of power in reserve down low. I feel this rod is suitable for poppers up to perhaps the 200g size although I would see around 170-190g as ideal. I will say that I feel that the tip is not strong enough for a King Kong or an I Cup. It will pop lures this size but I think there will be some degree of saturation in the blank. I would, however, see this rod as powerful enough for 95% of anglers who want to work big poppers. "

Length: 2390mm
PE: 8-10
Max lure: 300g, from my experience - ideal chugger 170-200g excl hooks
Max drag: 14kg
Weight: 415g
Guides: 5 + tip

Blue Chaser 83/40 R-Power Max
This rod is designed for both King Fish and GT's... it is a very good stickbait rod and is the first of it's kind especially designed for very large kingfish.
Length: 2540mm
PE: 6#-10
Lure: 70-200g, ideal swimbait 120-160g (excl hooks)
Max drag: 20kg
Weight: 407g
Guides: 6 + tip

BLC 83/40 R-Power Max

from left: LR86/35, TBL711/35, MH80H/40, MH79XH/45, BLC80/40R, TBL80/20R

Also did few shopping during school holidays. Very tempted to buy the new release Carpenter Gamma GT 200. Nemo color.
Also got few lure i.e. CraftBait GT-3, Smith Baby Runboh, Sevenseas Valkyrja II 210mm-120g, Tailwalk Gunz Sinking 140-160-160
Rarest of all: Carpenter Gamma

Craftbait GT-3 150g

AnglerOutfitter special color

Tailwalk Gunz

Smith Baby Runboh

Sevenseas Valkyrja II 210mm, 120g

Gamakatsu GT Recoder


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Fisher Msia said...

Which would you recommend for GT? Blue Chaser or Discovery Journey?