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Oman April 13-22, 2018: Trip Preparation

Big trip this year to Khuria Muria Islands of Sultanate Of Oman.
This archipelago is a group of five main islands in the Arabian Sea, 40 km (25 mi) off the southeastern coast of the Sultanate of Oman. The islands form part of the province of Shalim and the Hallaniyat Islands in the governorate of Dhofar.
Five main islands namely Al-Hasikiyah, Al-Sawda, Al-Hallaniyah, Al-Qibliyah and Qarzawit. Al Hallaniyah ( الحلانية) is the largest and only inhabited of the Khuriya Muriya Islands, which belong to Oman. It is located in the center of the group, eight kilometers east of Al-Sawda, the closest island, and the second largest of the group.  Please refer to Google and Wipedia for further infomation.

Our route this time via Qatar Airways i.e. Kuala Lumpur-Doha-Salalah due to the  upgrading the Salalah airport to International status. Standard check-in luggage weight is 30kg. We did buy extra 5kg for peace of mind purpose.  Transport is provided for us to travel from Salalah to Shuwaimeyah which takes ~ 3.5 hours to cover 334km.

We will be staying in Noukhada Fishing Lodge in Shuwaimeyah with 6 days of GT popping with optional camping in Al-Sawda for 3-4 nights.

As Jan 2018, visitors are required to apply online E-visa from Sultanate Of Oman.  4 documents are needed i.e. your recent photograph, copy of passport, copy of arrival and return ticket and invitaion letter from the fishing operator.  Please apply visa at

Although this is a GT popping trip, amberjack jigging is an option for us, thus 3-4 fast sinking jigs are also included in our checking baggage.

This will be my 3rd visit to Khuria Muria Islands which gives me some sort of advantage on where and what lures to use for the GTs.  Simple answer is big lures = big GT!!!!  Big mouth chuggers are always preferable to call them.  Big stickbait between 140-200grams also will entice the GT.  This time i will come with minimal lure quantities but proven action.  Chuggers included Adhek Cuttle, HeammerHead E, D, C cups, Craftbait GT2 & GT3 150, Carpenter Seafrog TwinHooks and Carpenter HustlePop 130.  Diving poppers are NativeWork Napalm 220 and 200 size. As for the stickbaits, i prepared few Carpenter Gammas 160, 140, Bluefish 140 & 120 and Maihime 120.  Sinking/suspended stickbaits with be Orion Bigfoot 140 and Hammerhead Boarder Deepchaser.  Also 2 surface skipping lures of Adhek Ocen Lady and Adhek Pluto.

Chugger and Diving Lures

Stickbait and swimbait

Will prepare 6 Shimano Stella reels i.e. 2008 Stella 18000, 2013 Stella 18000, 2 x 2013 Stella 14000 and 2 x 2008 Stella 10000 with SOM 16000 spools.  All spools wil be filled by Power Pro red 100lb class.

Leader will be Fisherman 170 & 200lb and Prosele nanodax 170 & 210lb tied to size 1 and 1/0 NT swivel and Owner #10 & #11 splitrings.

As for hooks, 100% Decoys Salwater Series saiz 5/0, 6/0 and 7/0.
HH D & E cup = Decoy 7/0
HH C cup = Decoy 6/0
Carpenter Seafrog Twinhooks and Hustlepop 130 = Decoy 6/0
Nativeworks Napalm 220 = Decoy 6/0
Nativeworks Napalm 200 = Decoy 5/0

Gamma 160 =  Decoy 7/0
Gamma 140, Gamma 120, Maihime 120, Bluefish 140, Bluefish 120 = Decoy 6/0
Orion Bigfoot 140 = Decoy 5/0
Nativeworks Rattler 210 = Decoy 5/0

Rods pairing as follows
1. Carpenter SP78H-SHP ==> 2013 Stella 18000
2. Hammerhead Faube 77M+ == > 2008 Stella 10000
3. Carpenter SP80M ==> 2013 Stella 14000

4. Carpenter F3 711/40 ==> 2013 Stella 14000
5. Carpenter TBL80/40  ==> 2008 Stella 18000
6. Carpenter CV79/40 ==> 2008 Stella 10000 with SOM 16000
7. Carpenter PJ Allrounder 711/37

Mainly i use Fisherman Shock Leader 200lb PE60

Will write fully about the trip soon.......

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