Thursday, May 10, 2018

Oman April 13-22, 2018: NOUKHADA FISHING CHARTER

For our trip this time, we opt to get services from Noukhada Fishing Charter Oman.  From browsing, we found the

After few correspondents with Owner Mr Ali Dashti and Noukhada Management Mr Hamad Al Roumi, , a date April 13-22, 2018 was agreed.  I also was introduced to a wonderful Captain Swabir Adi Shee of Noukhada.

7 Angler Garage crews includes myself, Eidi, Master MO, Syakri, Pak Tam, Aidil and youngest Master Love Uddin-san gathered at KLIA ~ 5pm.  Our journey starts from KLIA Friday 13th April 2018 flight QR849 Qatar Airways with duration 7h 45m to Doha, Qatar.  We reached Hamd International Airport, Doha at 11.05pm local time and have connection time of 3 hours for Flight QR1142 3.00am bound for Salalah International Airport, Salalah, Oman.  Doha's Hamad International Airport is a world class airport.  Good food and many smoking rooms :).

Doha airport
We landed at 6.35am in Salalah.  After a hassle free immigration and customs, we were greeted by Captain Swabir and Captain Jamil of Noukhada.  Since we arrived too early and Lulu Supermarket open at 9.00am, I just gave Capt Swabir a shopping list of food and extra groceries for him to buy at Lulu eg. breaded Chicken Drumstick, Redbull Energy drinks.  Very short list since everything else about food & drink is ready for us at Noukhada Lodge in Shuwameyah.

We took the 12 seater van for travelling to Ash Shuwaymiyyah while our baggages handle by Swabir 4x4 Toyota.  Journey of 282km to Ash Shuwaymiyyah will take ~ 3.5 hours via beautiful coastal road of Mirbat, Sadah and Hasik.  After few stops for breakfast and scenic photography, we reached Noukhada Fishing Charter Oman lodge.

pittstop at Wadi near Hasik

Our van parked in front of lodge.

38 footer 2x300hp = 4 person popping

32 footer 2 x 250hp = 3 person popping

many Jamals!!

Wow!!! That is the first word came out of my mouth!!! 7 buildings + 5 boats + huge land areas!!!
So we greeted by our host and lead to guest the house.  HUGE!!!!!  There are 8 rooms that can accommodate 16 anglers...easily!!!

Very spacious living hall!!!

Another living hall!!!

fully air-condition

Eidi with his whale bones
Noukhada Fishing Charter  small gift of T-Shirt, buff, Waterproof Bag, Hat, Towel with Noukhada logo

AG's crew 1st lunch at Noukhada Lodge

After lunch...dreaming about 50kg GTs!!
Good food!!!!!
Each angler has he's own port!!!

AG crew show-off their sunnies
very spacious for popping
next door got high-end tackleshop !!!
crew with Captain Swabir, Captain Jamil and Mr Hamad

to be continue.....

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