Thursday, July 5, 2018

New 2018 STUDIO Oceanmark No Limit 13 SW16000 ver 2

Got my hands on this very nice spare spool for my Stella 2013 SW14000XG.  I thought it just another SOM spool compared with the previous 2013 version.  I was totally wrong.

I haven't got any chance to test the new spool with fish-on so have no idea about the drag power and smoothness.  Notice few "?improvements?" were made i.e. teflon drag washer, stacking patterns, tapered spool lip, reduced weight.

Original spool of 2013 Stella SW14000XG

2013 SOM NL13SW16000 ver 1

2018 SOM NL13SW16000 ver 2
Different metal sound.  Left is ver 2.

Drag washer stack of  NL13SW16000 ver 2.  Note the white Teflon drag.  The new NL13SW16000 ver 2 comes with 4 carbon drag + 1 white Teflon drag.

NL13SW16000 ver 1.  5 pcs of Carbon Cross Washer drag washer.

NL08SW16000 drag stacks

New tapered spool lip on 2018 ver 2

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